Gucci Denim Jacket Alternatives


Easily one of the most sought-after pieces at the moment would have to be the infamous Gucci Denim Jacket. Being worn by the likes of Kanye West to Zayn Malik has quickly turned into one of the most hyped pieces of the Autumn/Winter season. Not all people can afford the steep $4,950 dollar price tag, however, there are many decent alternatives for those who still want that same look but don’t want to break the bank.


Rollas Stonewash Denim Fully lined Sherpa Jacket

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 12.04.15 AM.png

The “Rollas Stonewash Denim Fully lined Sherpa Jacket” by well-known affordable brand Asos. This acid washed denim jacket featuring a sherpa lining but without any embroidery. With a couple embroidered patches from eBay you can add your own spin on the look, This running you $203 Dollars.

Kershaw Embroidered Denim Sherpa Jacket


The “Kershaw embroidered denim sherpa jacket” by the company Lifted Anchors. From owning some of their products (mostly bomber jackets) it’s clear they do value the quality of their products. Having less embroidery and a sort of mineral wash to it might throw people off, there is also a black denim version for those who want something different. It still offers that nice comfortable sherpa lining for only $140 Dollars.



The “oversized denim jacket” by Zara, one if not the biggest fast fashion companies where you can get the latest hyped trends for a very reasonable price if you’re on a budget. This piece comes in a light blue wash with fleece lining and collar minus the embroidery which could be fixed with some custom embroidered patches from eBay, adding your own uniqueness to the jacket. This running you only $89.90.



Thank you for taking a look at the very first post on this blog! If you have any feedback or other pieces that you want alternatives to please leave a comment below!


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